Established in
Yokohama in 1950

Social contribution
through “Monozukuri-Manufacturing”

Creating the future
by maximizing human capital

Valuing “Hito (people)” and
remembering our origin

Corporate Information

Takada Group Inc.

Tokyo(Shibuya Jinnan)Office
1001, H10 Shibuya Jinnan,
1-5-6, Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041
2-3, Toyouracho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0814

Corporate Philosophy

Stay vigilant and attentive, even when the company is running well.
Make positive and regal efforts, even when the business is difficult.
Overcome difficulties with an indomitable spirit.
This is the basic principle of our management.

Message from Representative

Takada Group has been consistently engaged in manufacturing automobiles, trucks and construction machinery, mainly by Takada Kogyo, which owns our main factory, Daiya Kogyo, Takada Shatai and Takada Unyu.

Takada Kogyo started as a small factory, manufacturing automotive parts in Yokohama in 1950. We have been contributing to society through “Monozukuri (manufacturing)”, having started from zero in the postwar chaos. The automotive industry drove the phenomenal growth of the Japanese economy afterward, which stabilized our business and expanded it to be capable of designing, manufacturing and assembling integratedly. We have been managing group companies, having established companies for each major customer, in order to quickly realize customers’ needs and have our organization an open culture from a management aspect. Takada Group Inc. was established in 2017 as a holding company.

The demand for trucks and construction machinery is expanding, as the enhancement of infrastructure is spotlighted, due to the large-scale fiscal stimulus by principal countries including the U.S. today. This will also strongly stimulate consumer spending, which will activate the automotive industry as well. We seize this opportunity and plan to strengthen each division of automobiles, trucks and construction machinery.

The origin of the Japanese manufacturing industry is “Hito (people)”, and we are trying to provide a place where our engineers can be really active. We think the most important thing for manufacturing is creativity, originality and improvement activity at the production site. Takada Group will be increasing our productivity distinctively, and enhancing competitiveness, through human investment such as education and training of employees as well as further application of information technology and robotic production.

Takada Group will be advancing our corporate activities, always positively and passionately, never giving up under any circumstance. We would like to be a company, continuously contributing to society, remembering our origin of manufacturing, and cherishing “Hito (people)”.

Takada Group Inc.

Representative, M.D. Tetsuya Takada

Corporate Logo

The design of our logo “T” from Takata, symbolizes strong and continuous growth of our business towards the future.


  • Group Management

  • Real Estate Leasing

  • Medical Consulting

Sustainability ofTakada Group

We are adopting sustainability as an essential philosophy, when we think about our long-term corporate strategy.
Our group will act and practice steadily what we can do now, based on the origin of the manufacturing industry.

The most important task in manufacturing factories is to guarantee the safety of the employees who operate the machines and equipment,
preventing any accidents which may cause immeasurable burdens for the rest of their lives.
We concentrate on “safety first”, to prevent any accident, educating each employee to be aware of danger avoidance in addition to the improvement of the working environment

  • Takada Kogyo
    We create a safe workplace, with a basic principle of human dignity.
    We promote to activate and take measures with the close call activity to raise the safety awareness of the workers, and the complete check of basic action.
  • Daiya Kogyo
    We enlighten the safety, holding a general morning meeting with all employees at the beginning of each month.
    In addition, we ensure a daily patrol at the workplace by safety staff, risk assessment, and organization.
  • Takada Shatai
    Regarding occupational safety and health, we provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent injury or disease relating to work, positioning accident prevention efforts as one of the most important management issues.
    We promote continuous improvement activity, mainly based on ISO45001, the occupational safety, and health manual.
  • Takada Unyu
    Regarding safe transport activity, employees work together to offer “safety” and “quality” which satisfy our customers, based on the operation management law. 

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